March 23, 2006

Belief and Education

Belief is becoming something of a theme at the moment. Connected to Education and Story telling is a powerful hook for me and drives a lot of passion. Mix it with a bit of religion and you could be in for a powder keg. However Philip Pullman and Rowan Williams conversation at the National Theatre highlighted a lot of interesting ideas about religion and its place in the world. Several wonderful ideas not least the most fundamental question we should be asking ourselves are what it means to be human.

On a slightly different note Pullman responds to a question on how to develop spiritualism in children by suggesting views of education. I would suggest that you can also transpose this to life, business, training and anything else that has a human element.

But I think it depends on your view of education: whether you think that the true end and purpose of education is to help children grow up, compete and face the economic challenges of a global environment that we're going to face in the 21st century, or whether you think it's to do with helping them see that they are the true heirs and inheritors of the riches - the philosophical, the artistic, the scientific, the literary riches - of the whole world. If you believe in setting children's minds alive and ablaze with excitement and passion or whether it's a matter of filling them with facts and testing on them. It depends on your vision of education - and I know which one I'd go for

So do I. And I am a successful product of the fact learning vision and I believe it to be fundamentally a failure. When I look at my children I see how their passion and excitement are often squashed. I'll digg out a story to illustrate this later but for the time being go and read the conversation.

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