February 01, 2006

The power of blog

Via Hugh at Gapingvoid
Creating Passionate Users: Naked Conversations on a Bus

Blogs let the "little guy", from a cowboy horse whisperer, or a geek who can make your life a little simpler develop a global microbrand. That means they can keep doing what they love--what they're passionate about--rather than, say, working 60 hours a week elsewhere and leaving no time for doing the things that help teach, inspire, or entertain the rest of us.

I've yet to get Naked Conversations (I'm not on the preview list unfortunately) and really do want to read it. AS Kathy points out later it would provide lots of ammo for convincing the sceptical out there. There is no magical wand to wave. Hugh underlines this:

It seems to me what a lot of people are hoping for from the whole blogging-as-marketing thing is a tested method that is (A) easy to implement, (B) easy to replicate and (C) easy to sell to their boss. Good luck.

But it is cheap, it isn't difficult to understand and it is extremely powerful. And you can always get people like me to help (plug plug).

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