July 22, 2005

Stormhoek sample arrives

And following Hugh's promise of samples I can confirm today that I have a very exciting looking bottle sat besides me. I got bottle 24 of 75 - unfortunately not really a collectors item as the Stormhoek promise is about freshness and drinking the wine at the peak of its freshness (i.e. relatively soon!) The inserted leaflet from Hugh entitled "Wine Blogging as Marketing Disruption" however could well enter that category :)

Anyway thanks to Hugh, Orbital Wines and Stormhoek - will report back on how I found the wine, because I am of course a person whose wine recommendations you trust... aren't I? What do you mean, 'No!'?

stormhoek samples

BAR stormhoek2.jpg

This just arrived in my Inbox:

Dear Hugh,

We have an office-full of pre-release Stormhoek samples, so we hope to
finally send out the Bloggers' freebie samples at the beginning of next week.

Could you possibly forward me the names and addresses of the recipients?

I need to produce labels for said samples, is there any mileage do you think in making each one a personalised label?

Hope all is well at your end.


Hopefully Geoff will let me supply free wine at the Our Social World conference in September.

I think marketing to bloggers is a no-brainer, although granted, it's still early days.

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