September 20, 2004

Blogwalk 4 (and other things)

Upstairs at the Old Crown
I attended the Blogwalk 4 meeting on Friday in London, unfortunately only for the morning as need to attend another meeting. Seems like I missed some good stuff not least the lunch and the walk :(

Good to see Johnnie again and rewarding to meet:

Lloyd Davis
Martin Roell
Anu Gupta
Louise Ferguson
Suw Charman
Ed Mitchell
Julian Elve
Ian Glendinning
Chris Macrae
Riccardo Cambiassi
Desiree Gosby
Omar Green

Shame Ton couldn't attend as I was looking forward to meeting him.

The primary focus of blogging within the firewall gave rise to a number of themes which have exercised me for a while namely:

Why are corporates so afraid of losing control of comms? (after all they have already lost it)
How can you 'justify' blogging within a company? This can be to an external audience (outside the firewall) as well as internally (inside the firewall) - (guerilla tactics?)
Can you use an authentic voice? (sometimes, but there is an element of editing and adaption of voice)
Is the channel of a blog more compelling than other media channels? e.g. website, email, bulletin board, etc. (Yes, in certain situations, particularly when authentic and use of storytelling)

After I left
Seems like Julian got tasked with looking at internal wiki/blog tools along with user requirements.

Lilia has gone onto AOIR 5.0 (which seems equally stimulating - I think I should be there rather than at work!)

Biggest benefit
Although I took a lot away from the topics themselves, the most rewarding aspect was that the event challenged me to start thinking about things more deeply again. I think I need to start blogging about experience more to gain a better perspective on things.

Other Things
On a semi-related note, noticed this post on Monkeymagic regarding the virtues of the tea-break and chit chat.

Secondly Johnnie remarks on a similar topic of learning and collective intelligence:

Traditional models of group thinking seem based on me trying to cement my well-formed brick of thought to your well-formed brick. Increasingly, I find much more satisfaction in sharing the less-formed ideas and responses I have to conversations. I sense that by doing so, it's possible to create some sense of joint intelligence that can get beyond existing mental models.

I think Blogwalk 4 illustrated that for me - throw in a few ideas and anecdotes and see where others take them - a little like improvisation perhaps Johnnie?

Posted by Paul Goodison at September 20, 2004 07:18 PM | TrackBack


Hi Paul

Thanks for the trackback - shame you couldn't stay for the afternoon. Do feel free to join in the "ideal tools" design discussion on the wiki...

May I give you a little site feedback? (I would have emailed this to you but I can't find an address) - the yellow link text on a white background is completely unreadable on some VDUs...

best regards


Posted by: Julian at September 20, 2004 05:18 PM

Hi Paul,

Glad you enjoyed the BlogWalk meeting last week. Am sorry had to miss out on meeting you. But there is a good chance BlogWalk will be returning to the UK in the not too distant future. The rate we're going, blogwalks once every two months, will ensure that I think. Or we might put something together that can lure you off the Britisch Isles for a day :)



Posted by: Ton at September 22, 2004 08:10 AM

Much more legible now! :-)

Posted by: Julian at September 22, 2004 10:19 AM
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