December 12, 2003

Reciprocating the links - or blogs who like me!

According to the wonderful technorati I now have even more people linking to me. Thanks to those that do and I hope you are enjoying the ride. Do drop me a line or post a comment, it makes a change from the Spam.

Of particular interest are those new people linking.

First up is monkeymagic ablog by Piers Young who has some fascinating posts on Genetics and evolution. His blog doesn't seem to have a direct link to the mainsite, which outlines his MSc dissertation. The blog itself has such gems as this article on how new theories folow a pattern through rejection to ultimately conscription into the mainstream (with recognition of thier limitations), sobering stuff. Worth addng to your reading list if you are interested in such things (as I am).

And Secondly is In the Arms of Strangers. This blog is written by Alex (who happens to be Danny's line manager of Evil Monkey blog) both of which are worth having a look at not least because they both inhabit the madness of ntl and secondly becuase they know a good deal about web based design (and as I've said about Danny before) are wasted at ntl. Anyway worth a gander...

Of course longer standing linkers according to Technorti include:

John Procaro - Microsoft Marketing Guru - well wortha read for technology, marketing and mangement and the Microsoft culture...

Stuart Smith - an ex-colleague whose blog ne_strife seems not to have been updated in a while
(come on Stu get writing)

Curt Rosengren - Occupational Adventure, where passion in your career is brought to life :) reciprocation is what you need...

Mike Taht - Postcards from the Bleeding Edge - musings on life, surfing, space and Linux

Gary Lawrence Murphy - TeleDyn - of particular interest are Gary's thoughts on new models for music (including Slay the RIAA) but in addition other little gems on marketing and business models appear. (I get a link courtesy of my donation to Slay the RIAA by the way not because of my content - must work harder to be interesting).

And last but by no means least, a man I feel priveleged to now call friend (can I ham this up any more?)

Johnny Moore's Our House blog - marketing, branding, authenticity and a sense of humour - what more could one want? He also writes as part of Beyond Branding, is a third of Mutual Marketing and also contributes to the Mutualist Manifesto (along with yours truely). This also links to Broadband and Me so I'll also reference Tim Kitchen's site Steal this Brand as he put the link up originally (and I don't want him feeling left out as he recommends excellent books to read - even if he doesn't like Lord of the Rings) also commenting on marketing, branding, CSR and the environment.

Dear reader - go forth and read blogs :)

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I think you forgot someone... :(

Or do I not say the right things about ntl? ;)

Posted by: Frank at December 22, 2003 04:44 PM
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