December 07, 2003

Diversity not homogenity

Flemming Funch (great name!) highlights in Diversity is as big as the universe a piece by Tom Atlee (interesting guy - great beard) from Co-intelligence.

A quote from Co-intelligence outlining what its is:

Co-intelligence is the capacity to live well WITH each other and life, creatively using diversity and uniqueness, consciously evolving together in partnership with nature, and consciously transforming culture. Co-intelligence is intrinsic in all living systems and can always be improved. Use it for organizational development, better family relations, community renewal, and creating a more just, democratic and sustainable society.

Wow. This certainly piqued my interest.

A short quote from the Diversity article:

Relationship, community, interdependence, mutuality -- even the entire economic system with all its different jobs and products and services and forms of exchange -- are all totally dependent on diversity.

As is freedom. Uniqueness is the inside face of diversity. If I want to "be myself" and "do things my way," I have to live in a culture that respects diversity. The more free a society, the more diversity it tends to generate. And that diversity tends to beget even more diversity as diverse people, stimulated by each other, find new ways to be unique...

Diversity is key to resilience

This fits in with a lot of my thinking on politics, complexity and in some of the work I'm helpig with on Brand Activism.

Some definite reading time needed here...

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