October 15, 2003

Beyond Branding - The Meeting (Part 2)

My main motivation for the meeting, as with this blog was to meet interesting people and have stimulating conversations. I definitely achieved that objective.

I was also hoping to generate some ideas about where to head in terms of my career. I have to admit to going about this in a rather crass way. A way in which I hadn't intended, perhaps because I was too relaxed and not really thinking about what I was saying (just call me Paul 'gis a job' Goodison). However John, Tim, thank you for the advice and suggestions, I'll certainly follow them up.

My last objective however was to see if there were ways I could collaborate with John in terms of writing or development of ideas (NB see John's site here), I didn't manage to articulate this despite a discussion about the most interesting thing in conversations are those things not said. Well now I've said it.

The most important result today though is that it has made me think, and consider a number of areas again, particularly what I want to do when I grow up (as my wife would say). I don't know that answer clearly enough, although I do know it needs to fire a passion in me. Just as the Beyond Branding ideas / concept has done.

And in case you missed it:

UK readers can order it here from the publisher at the discounted price of 20.

Alternatively you can buy it at Amazon UK or US

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