October 02, 2003

Occupational Adventure

Via John Porcaro who gets to go to interesting meetings :) (Fast Company's Company of Friends) is a posting about a new blog by Curt Rosengren, called Occupational Adventure.

The 'kind of' opening, introductory post In the Beginning explains the title:

the central theme of Occupational Adventure - that is, a career that really gets you juiced.

He also describes himself as a 'Passion Catalyst' which just by itself gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and like some others he has helped:

By the end of the conversation, he was vibrating with excitement at the new possibilities and perspectives he saw...

The business he is in:

"I help people identify their passions and create careers that ignite them."

Fantastic stuff. I guess that is what I have been search for, for a while: a career that ignites my passions. Its not that Broadband doesn't excite me, it does, but that the role (particularly at present) and the company don't allow me to do the things I want to which is why the Marketing course is my first step towards a different career.

Anyway enough about me - Curt sounds like a really interesting person to know and judging by the first tranche of posts on his blog it will be a great read. Adding to my blog roll now!

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