October 02, 2003

Stuart's Blog

Stuart, an ex-colleague of mine has now started up a weblog, imaginatively titled NE strife, which gave me a little giggle.

Last time I mentioned him and the consultancy that he works for, their website rose up the Google rankings, so Woodholmes KSA is the place to go for consultancy in the NE of England :)

Stuart has some very flattering words about me... Thank you.

In return I would say that Stuart is an inspiration to me (but don't tell him, he'll get a big head) as he knows what he wants and goes out and does it. Some prime example being his move back to the NE (from London), finding a role at Woodholmes and his recent visit to NYC to work with Dave Snowden's Cynefin group (pronounced ken-ev-in, which I think means community in Welsh kind of like the german Volksgemeinschaft), part of IBM Global Services.

He introduced me to Complexity theory through Fritjof Capra's The Web of Life, and is an accomplished networker, and to really return the compliment is the most capable person I know when it comes to applying theoretical knowledge to a business environment. If you need some consultancy you would do well to look him up.

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