August 18, 2003

Monsters and KM

Ton's Interdependent Thoughts: Monsters Again

Basically, as soon as you draw lines somewhere (this is a tree, this is a shrub) you get into trouble when you encounter things that are on the border of such categories (is it a small tree, or a large shrub). Often these anomalies can be easily put into an existing category after some consideration (being put in their place), but sometimes this does not work: a Monster is born. Cultural categories spawn these monsters. (This also means that preventing monsters is not possible, yes might even be equivalent of stifling innovation and creativity for it predetermines that only things that fit within existing categories can be safely done)

A challenging posting by Ton which seeks to elaborate on a PhD dissertation by Martijntje Smits. Unfortunately I cannot read the original Dutch (?) however Ton's point about offering new models is an interesting one. Iwoder how many people adopt the positions suggested as 'weak' in a pragmatic attempt to move forward.

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