July 16, 2003

Job Descriptions best written by Marketing?

Iunctura Daily -- Center for Strategic Relations

Writing job descriptions is a marketing function
Writing Realistic Job Descriptions. Give people half a chance and they will pre-qualify themselves for a job. No one wants to take the time to send resumes and cover letters and never get a response.

I can see the point here. Make job adverts clear concise and try and elicit the response you want. Not always sure that its a marketing function however it is a marketing skill - understanding the requirement, detailling capabilities, clear communication, sell the company.

[Hiring Technical People]
Use strategies for prequalifying customers to hone in on the most qualified job seekers available. Doing this will reduce the number of poorly matched resumes you recieve, and give prospective employees a better idea of what you desire.
In Strong employee relationships start when they are jobseekers I talked about the importance of following up with every jobseeker to demonstrate your care about their interest in your organization. However, this isn't always possible. Companies are flooded with resumes in todays challenging job market and recent layoffs don't help volume any.
Part of building strong relationships is to design communications systems around interactions that enhance the other individuals experience. If you receive fewer resumes, you have more time to follow up with those most likely to benefit your company. By helping jobseekers rule themselves out, you'll get only the most qualified (or those who think they are the best match.)
This is why writing a job listing and description is a marketing function. Every word of the listing must help the reader know if they are right for the criteria desired for the position.

Do marketeers have a monopoly on good communication skills? Is communication solely a marketing function?

Slightly away from the point but I have to translate my 'marketing' colleagues views into requirements that will deliver a quality product. This is not always easy, as they are not always good at communicating in certain contexts. There are of course exceptions however...

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