January 19, 2007

I'm alive!

Just in case you thought I had vanished off the face of the planet. I'm here and still thinking about the world. Small companies certainly demand more of your time than bigger one, both mentally and physically. And I have to admit to saying that a new role means having to learn and experience more than I thought I would have to 10 months ago. But is all good.

Travel is a fascinating business online and I'm just not sure that I entirely grok it yet - its not my comfort zone or its in American English or something. People don't talk about web 2.0 they talk about travel 2.0 - I think its to try and make them sound different but I'm not sure. As I'm now one of the online travel people (well sort of) I shouldn't alienate them but there you go...

Still want to actually do a travel business blog but haven't had the opportunity to get it off the ground. Still want to do lots of whizzy things with the www.explore.co.uk website (with the rest of the team) but not quite yet, and still want to do sexy things with technology in general but again its not really happening.

I feel a bit blunted rather than cutting edge at present. Must blog more (said in a mantra like way to instill self-hypnosis).

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