April 25, 2006

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April 24, 2006


Well, I've just spent two weeks on holiday in Hereford/Gloucester/Monmouthshire and that's why the blogging has been absent. You might have noticed the comments are offline too due to some idiot spammer trying to take down the site and the server I'm hosted on. My thanks to Ian at 34sp.com for sorting that out for me. I hope to get comments back up in the near future.

But holiday was good - a new part of the UK for me and wonderful for the whole nature and food thing. Herefordshire is particularly well known for fruit orchards and cider (as well as meaty stuff that I ignored) but also had some other interesting stuff going on. Notably wine, beer, crisps and 'homemade' cakes! I can particularly recommend using the Hop Pocket Wine as it sold some fantastic country wines and liquers.

This was the cottage we stayed in and it was also marvelous - highly recommended if you want to tour the area.

On the subject of tours - my new role has now started at, would you believe, a travel company called Explore. I now have the humble title of e-commerce exec but so far its been a great start and I'm really looking forward to the challenge of marketing Explore online.

I'm hoping to look at utlise blogging to tell you about my experiences although not sure where that will be yet. Watch this space.

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