July 06, 2005

Businesses can profit from being sustainable

From the Alternative Energy blog, who quote the BBC news-site

The company said it is now looking into placing the wind power micro-turbines on more of its 200 sites.Gary Thomas, head of property and facilities at CFS, said taking a greener approach to business also had financial benefits."Embedding renewable energy in buildings reduces the need to buy electricity and I anticipate a payback on the initial investment within around three years," he said.Ken Lewis, resources director added: "Forty per cent of Europe's energy use is associated with buildings and this project, along with the Solar Tower development, demonstrates that these piles of steel and concrete have tremendous potential for future energy generation."Councillor Neil Swannick, Manchester City Council executive member for planning and the environment, has applauded the move saying CFS have made a practical contribution to energy conservation."The Manchester Energy Strategy endorses the view that wind turbines are not just for rural sites," he said."A world-class city such as Manchester has a responsibility to use energy more efficiently and to generate it from renewable sources where we can."

If more companies started to take such steps then surely it would lead to a drop in production costs for renewable enrgey source generation equipment. If that happens then surely its a good thing for businesses and consumers if it helps to reduce their energy bills whilst also helping to improve the envirnoment (however small the step, its still a step).

Its becoming clear to me that if my business ever takes off then i intend to invest in micro generation of some sort - there are some good products out there that enable wind and solar power.

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