November 03, 2003

Send the music via Wifi to your car

Via Gizmodo

Stream music to your car

True gadget gurus alert! Rockford Corp. announced this week that its Omnifi mobile audio wireless digital transfer system is now shipping, which lets users transfer their music collection to their car wirelessly over an 802.11b connection.

The system has three components the DMP1 car digital media player, a compact hard drive (holds 20G bytes of data) that connects to a hard casing inside your car, but can be removed and connected to a PC as an external hard drive; the DMS1 home digital streamer, which connects to a home stereo to listen to files stored on a computer; and the D-Link DWL-121 wireless receiver, which connects to the DMS1 or the DMP1 to let you receive wireless transfer of the digital files (you will need a wireless router / network already).

Great idea - wondered when something like this would appear. Now this would certainly be fun to have in my car. I wonder when it will be avaialbe in the UK?

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