July 05, 2003

Are we closer to the Broadband Killer App?

Marc's Voice

Joi gets something done!
Sony Image Station with MetaWeblog API.
Hirata just demo'ed an experiment we did with Sony. It's a moblog gateway. It receives email from a cell phone with a photo attached. The Sony team made an XML RPC metaWeblog API interface to Sony Image Station. We take the picture, talk to Sony Image Station using metaWeblog API and post the picture in a photo album. Then the gateway talks to Movable Type using the metaWeblog API to create an entry with the thumbnail from Image Station that clicks thru to the full picture on the Image Station site. The text and the title get entered into Movable Type and the category is pre-set. We are using the metaWeblog.newMediaObject (which Movable Type current supports) to send the images. Please support this standard so photo sites can use the API.

This sounds (I'm guessing mostly) very cool and Marc agrees:

THIS is what I'm talking about! Here are all the reasons this is totally cool:

- It ties in a major digital convergence player - SONY - into the People's Mesh

- It demonstrates the metaWeblog.newMediaObject - and the power of using XML-RPC for media (besides just 'text' and RSS)

- It shows off the power of open standards and a community of tool vendors - all working towards the same goal

My job is to focus on delivering stuff for the mainstream consumer, but at heart I would love to be working on early adopter cutting edge technology. Especially when it combines Sony hardware with blogging software. An important snippet form Joi's commentary however is this:

He said that pictures are attached to email as second class citizens and the text is still the core of the data. I think the idea is to try to get multi-media micro-content to be more important. ;-)

Multi-media micro-content. So I can put up here without resorting to html or ftp or anything else a mainstream consumer would worry about, pictures, audio files, video files? And I can post from my phone as well as my keyboard?

Marc's mantra is thus: Home LANs + Broadband + Devices. He thinks this is the killer app and after this posting from Joi I am more convinced than ever.

BTW check out Marc's outliner here.

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