It's all about Beta Road...


Beta Road is my website (as I don't have the time to make it for the family).

I bought the domain and the hosting initially to support my weblog (and that's the only content at present) but I also wanted to have a website for the family. I chose because that's where we live, and have done as a family since 1997. In fact we moved in on the day my daughter was born!

Paul J Goodison

I am a husband (to Jane) and father of three (1 girl and 2 boys), living in the South East of England in a place called Farnborough, in the county of Hampshire. We moved here intially because it was close to our respective parents and the housing was cheaper and nicer than elsewhere closeby.

Until February 2005 I was employed by ntl as their E-Care Manager (a wonderful title meaning I was responsible for creation of online customer care strategy, implementation and promotion) previously I worked as a Product Development Manager, within ntl's Internet Product team for three years. I have worked for ntl in a variety of roles since 1996 primarily focused on communication and Internet technologies, together with process re-engineering. Prior (and also parallel) to that I was a teacher in Sixth Form Colleges, teaching A Levels and GNVQs.

If you want to know more my modern version CV is here and my traditional version is here.

I am now an Member of the CIM (Or MCIM), since I passed the the CIM Professional Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

If you want to do so you can email me on nospamcontact (at) betaroad (dot) com [remove the nospam bit] or leave a comment on Broadband and Me


Internet, Broadband, Computers, Web Content, blogging, personal technology, consumer electronics (purely from a liking toys point of view)

  • Reading - love science fiction, some fantasy. Also read a fair few books on business, computing and the Internet and popular science. I'll put some reviews etc in my books section when I get there!
  • Comics - started reading DC comics and their Vertigo imprint sometime in 1994 (I think). I have a fair collection from that date but unfortunately don't get to read as much as I would like these days. Particular favourite titles are Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Hellblazer, although The Invisibles, Preacher and Transmetropolitan have also stood out. Occasionally I may even dip into Super Hero stuff like Starman, Batman and Superman. I also have some small publisher titles too, like Strangehaven.
  • Music - fairly eclectric (with the exclusion of dance music and I'm not that keen on soul) favourites would have to be indie / rock guitar based music.
  • TV / DVDs - my favourite all time show is Doctor Who and I have a complete collection of Videos and some DVDs, together with various toys, books and CDs from the Big Finish range.
  • Science fiction - in general from classic Star Trek and ST:NG, ST:DS9 and Voyager and sometimes Enterprise, through to the X Files, Blake's Seven and Babylon 5, all of which I own some videos or DVDs of...
  • Films - I am no expert but again am fairly eclectic. My tastes varies from the Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day off, the Ladykillers, A Bridge too far, Harry Potter, Star Wars et al, and the odd Japanese piece like anime Ghost in the Shell, Akira and Metropolis.
  • Children's shows - nostaglia affects us all... Thunderbirds, Ivor the Engine, Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green, Bagpuss and the Clangers all grace my video halls. Sometimes I inflict them on the children :)
  • Rugby - Use to be a footballer (or if you prefer Soccer) until I came to my senses. At University I played Rugby League and I now coach my daughter who is playing Rugby Union (well a modfied under 9s version) at Farnborough Rugby Club - Minis and Juniors
  • I try and watch as much Rugby as I can on TV and when possible live - usually London Irish in Reading.

  • Karate - Recently taken up GKR style Karate with my daughter - so far we have progressed to Orange belts. Its great for keeping fit and the discipline and aggression combined are a good mix.
  • Cooking - I am also known to do a spot of cooking although not as much or to the quality I like these days, My particular specialities are vegetable stew and various Indian style dishes.
  • Railways - Always loved trains, espeically those upon the East Coast Main Line in the UK. My father used to work as a Chief Steward and I used to accompany him up to Aberdeen when I was little. There is something very romantic about trains, and the scenary; the views can be stunning. I used to also play around with model railways but these days limit myself to taking my son to the odd show.
  • Family - And if you are not completely bored yet, you may also like to know that (despite opinions to the contrary) I love spending time with my wife and my children, especially when it involves having water-fights and reading.